With the increasing awareness of the risks that asbestos can pose, we felt it fitting to write a post on asbestos geared towards the home owner, that may be considering renovating their home. What is asbestos? It is a mineral that is mined from the earth, that is then processed and used in different applications and materials. If you think about building materials as a cake, then asbestos is the “sugar” to the building material. It was added into the building material to make it “better” Since some of the well known properties of asbestos include: Great Insulator, Fireproof / heat resistance properties, Resilient and strong, Flexible yet durable. These properties alone would convince anyone that it would be a good additive to a building material. Unfortunately it was only later discovered that the asbestos fibers could pose life threatening illnesses How is asbestos harmful to me? Asbestos fibers have a unique shape to them, that when inhaled, will become permanently lodged in the tissue of the lungs. From this, lung cancer, mesothelioma or asbestosis could occur. This is the primary health hazard associated with asbestos. WAIT BEFORE YOU RENOVATE Renovations of a home or business can pose significant health risks, if the building is not tested for asbestos. Homes built prior to 1990 have a high percentage of probability that they contain asbestos in some component of building materials.

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