If you are doing any sort of renovation on a home or commercial structure older than 1990, you are at a high potential risk of an asbestos exposure. The improper demolition and handling of asbestos and lead containing building materials WILL create dangerous exposure and potential health issues to the occupants of the building. The only way to identify if your home or business has asbestos or lead, is to have a hazardous materials survey completed. Samples of the suspect building materials are taken by an AHERA certified professional and sent away to a certified Laboratory to be analyzed. The lab results will identify the asbestos and lead containing materials and % of asbestos/Lead in the material samples. Some of the more common Asbestos and lead containing materials are Drywall compound , paint, VC Tile, Vinyl Flooring, Textured Ceiling, Stucco, loose blown insulation( vermiculite) concrete plumbing drains, window putty, heat reflectors for wood stoves, insulation on electrical wiring, pipe and ducting insulation, acoustical tiles, Artificial fireplace logs, light fixture backings. If you are planning on doing renovations, as an AHERA certified firm Thompson Valley Restoration DKI’s trained professionals have the knowledge and experience to address all your inspection and hazardous material abatement needs. When in doubt, give Thompson Valley DKI a shout!

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