Asbestos Removal kamloops

Asbestos Removal kamloops

Mould is a common problem, but one that most homeowners don’t know how to deal with correctly. Since this is a hazardous fungus, we advise you to enlist the services of experts who specialize in mould, lead, and asbestos removal in Kamloops.  At Thompson Valley Restoration DKI Ltd, we offer services for asbestos removal in Kamloops and the surrounding areas. Having done this for many years, we have the experience and skills that allow us to perform mould remediation without endangering you and your family’s health.

Why Should You Avoid DIY Mould Removal?

There are lots of DIY mould removal tutorials on the internet, but this does not mean that they’re safe. Mould reproduces by spores, which are lightweight and easily airborne. This means that any disturbance can spread them to other areas in your house. As such, trying to remove the mold that’s visible on your own might create a bigger mould problem.

Our specialists who offer BBB accredited asbestos removal near Kamloops BC have the equipment required to prevent the spread and regrowth of the fungus. These include air filters and containment systems that keep the spores from being released into the air.

Another reason you should refrain from removing mould yourself is that it can cause health issues. Breathing in the spores can cause allergic reactions such as sneezing and a running nose. Other effects include aggravation of asthmatic symptoms. If the inhaled spores end up in the lungs, they can cause inflammation and scarring.

Benefits of Professional Mould Removal

Black, white, purple, and orange mould are the different types that grow in homes. One advantage of enlisting the services of experts who are trained in mould and asbestos removal and remediation in Kamloops and Salmon Arm is that they can identify the type of mould that you’re dealing with. This then dictates the removal method they’ll use, since not all remediation techniques work on all mould types.

Some of the areas where you can easily find mould are the kitchen, bathroom, and basement. This is because these fungi grow in places with moisture. However, there could also be other affected areas that you cannot see, and our professionals at Thompson Valley Restoration DKI Ltd will do a thorough inspection of your house to discover them. For instance, it’s not uncommon for mould to venture and reproduce in air vents.

When performing mould and asbestos abatement and removal in Kamloops, we will also look for the cause and eliminate it. Doing this means that we’ll be able to contain the problem the first time, and you’ll not find yourself dealing with a surprise mould regrowth after we’re done.

Get Professional Mould Remediation Today

Thompson Valley Restoration DKI Ltd has some of the best Kamloops hazmat services. We offer low prices that are customized to fit the kind of services you need for mould and asbestos removal in Kamloops. For a free quotation, call us today on (250) 372-1335. You can be confident that we’ll provide you with quality, timely, and reliable mould remediation services.

Asbestos Removal kamloops

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Asbestos Removal kamloops

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