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Fire Damage

Restoring a home or business takes more than just replacing burned structure and finishes. The aftermath will leave your home with standing water and deep penetrating smoke. Thompson Valley Restorations Ltd. technicians are trained in identifying problematic hidden odors, and will ensure that your home is restored to its original condition free of mould and odor.

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Thompson Valley Restoration Ltd. is a specialized construction company with a team of caring and compassionate professionals whose goal is to restore your home and life back in order. Our vast knowledge and experience in quality commercial and residential restoration has given Thompson Valley Restoration Ltd. the reputation of being the industry leaders for fire damage restoration within Kamloops and the interior of British Columbia. Prompt job scheduling, efficient project start and completion, and proactive front line communication sets us apart in the fire restoration industry.

Thompson Valley Restoration DKI Ltd. specializes in:

  • Structural Repairs – From roofing, to support beams, to drywall, we make sure your home’s structure is soundly restored. No need to arrange multiple tradespeople – we handle the project from start to finish.
  • Guaranteed Odour Removal – We swiftly locate and remove sources of smoke odor to ensure your home is free of all evidence of fire.
  • Professional Project Management – Thompson Valley Restoration Ltd. will handle the project from beginning to end, ensuring the restoration stays on time and on budget.
  • Water Mitigation – Our flood restoration expertise will properly address general water damage caused by firefighting efforts.
  • Cleaning Specialists – Our specialized cleaning team are trained to remove all signatures of the aftermath of a fire.
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