Water Damage

Water damage can result in costly repairs. Thompson Valley Restoration DKI Ltd. is Kamloops’ #1 restoration contractor for large loss multi-unit water damage restoration. Our certified and knowledgeable technicians will provide immediate response to your homes or businesses, to start the drying process, and prevent water damage from progressing further.

Water Damage Couple House
Water Damage Couple House

Have You Experienced Basement Flooding?

Homeowners are now finishing their basements with high-grade finishes, creating additional living spaces that are in line with the balance of the home. Theater rooms, bedrooms and in-law suites are the new normal, and when they become wet, it is imperative to act quickly to mitigate the damage, start the drying process and control the environment to prevent mold. The flood restoration technicians at Thompson Valley Restoration Ltd. are trained, certified and equipped with the latest technology to quickly return your life and home to normal.

Water Falling

Why Professional Flood Damage Restoration is Necessary in Kamloops:

Within Minutes – Water can spread to large areas and stain furniture or carpeting, and warp paper goods.

  • Within Hours – Your furniture can start to swell, drywall will begin to soak up water and metal surfaces will be tarnished.
  • Within Days – Fungi can appear, drywall can begin to disintegrate, uncoated metal surfaces will begin to rust, door and window casings will swell and warp, electronic components can malfunction and indoor air quality becomes an issue.
  • Within Weeks – Demolishing and replacing building materials may be necessary mould spores start to erode natural fibres, paper coverings, wet drywall, paneling and more. Wood will warp and split, and chemicals within the wood dissolve. Serious occupant hazards are present and liability increases on insurance claims.

Standing water is classified into 3 contamination categories: clean, grey and black. If left alone, standing water will increase contamination and can lead to many problems at your home or business. Thompson Valley Restoration Ltd. uses all natural products for disinfection and odor control to avoid the majority of these problems, call Thompson Valley Restoration Ltd. as quickly as you can.

Because rapid response is so important in mitigating mold growth, contact us today for water damage mitigation.

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